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Spring 2019

Culinary entrepreneurship:

The Business side of Food

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Good food does not dictate success.
It just means that you can cook!
It doesn’t guarantee you’ll have a successful business!
— Founder, R. Francis

reasons to Collaborate with us

The focus of your business should be on your menu! The founder of our company has a created a system of analyzing a menu and developing a "whole company." The design of our approach is to address the root cause of failure in foodservice establishments. A client's menu is the first order of business, then the culinary magic takes place! The concept, architectural design, interior design, products, services etc. will be designed to create our client's ideal company with complementary streams of income. 

Be prepared to experience an array of professional services that are designed to delight your business palette. Our flavor profile isn’t like any other culinary consulting company. Our services are prepared to satisfy your business needs and create a healthy and well-balanced bottom-line.

Our approach to creating your multi-stream culinary business is starting from your menu and no other way. You are in business to make money, right? If you only want to make good tasting food for people you can do that at home.



consulting/business strategies

The Culinary Management Company empowers small businesses to succeed through creating for them powerful and distinctive strategies to increase their value in their respective communities. Let's create YOUR SIGNATURE RECIPE for SUCCESS! Packages include Concept Creation, Company Culture, Business Branding and many other services!

Are you ready to build a strong company and brand? Contact us to schedule a time to discuss your next steps in your business?


events/workshops/vip days


You have so many options to choose from which include food and alcohol safety training and our Train-the-Trainer programs. Register for one of our workshops on Culinary Entrepreneurship! You'll be better equipped in your business.


As a member you'll receive brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills. Set powerful goals and accomplish them. Bring your success stories to the group to be celebrated and your problems to be solved through our collective efforts. 



Events can be a success or failure based on who you hire to showcase on your stage. Raideesha is a certified professional communicator that captures the attention of her audiences.  Email us to inquire about speaking opportunities.